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The open SaaS platform, BigCommerce is gaining a significant presence in the international market. Its enticing feature of multi-currency support has been proved as a big hit. The splendid page builder tools of BigCommerce make an attractive eCommerce store and run them without any coding requirements. Multiple companies have reached exponential sales through the salient features of BigCommerce stores. However, any newly launched or established BigCommerce store needs solid SEO strategies to reach new heights of success.

Latent Visibility is the BigCommerce SEO expert company, catering to BigCommerce store setup and maintenance requirements. We perform rigorous research on the functioning of the client’s current BigCommerce store and come up with a tailored SEO plan. Our BigCommerce SEO services accurately place your business right in front of potential customers. As a BigCommerce SEO firm, we bring more leads which results in higher sales and more profit for your business.

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All-Inclusive BigCommerce Search Engine Optimization Services

Our SEO BigCommerce experts possess in-depth knowledge of the BigCommerce platform which results in bug-free and highly reliable outputs. The capability to perform various advanced SEO techniques makes us the number one BigCommerce SEO agency. Latent Visibility aims to deliver long-lasting SEO results.

Conversion Rate Optimization

The mandatory requirement of any eCommerce store is conversion rate optimization. The slight change in conversion rate can help the business in enhancing sales. We perform various strategies such as adding pop-ups, more CTA buttons, adding live chat, and many more to magnify the conversion optimization rate.

Strategic Keyword Research

Latent Visibility ensures performing thorough research for the industry-specified long tail as well as short-tail keywords. These keywords can assist in bringing the much-required crowd which results in organic traffic. We adhere to a predefined strategy for gathering highly relevant keywords.

Technical BigCommerce SEO

It is a hefty task to perform fool-proof technical SEO on a BigCommerce store. Regardless of all challenges, our team of BigCommerce SEO experts implement several SEO practices such as Schema Markup, enhancing page speed, fixing broken links, metadata, indexation, etc.

Breadcrumbs Utilization

Several BigCommerce themes have in-built breadcrumbs features. Enabling this feature can help the store gain visibility from search engines. This feature safeguards the SEO practice results.

BigCommerce SEO Audit

We do not just provide any hypothetical results; data strongly back our claims. Our BigCommerce SEO agency tracks the performance of the implemented SEO strategy and forms the unfailing audit report.

Off-Page BigCommerce SEO

This technique creates the baseline for other SEO practices. Various techniques such as link building, social bookmarking, guest blog posts and many more are used. Hence, it is an imperative tactic for fruitful BigCommerce SEO.


How Do We Distinguish As A BigCommerce SEO Agency?

In the cut-throat competition, it is certainly a difficult task to create a long-lasting effect. Our steadfast SEO BigCommerce services are game-changers. Moreover, the robust SEO practices are the prime reason for our success as a BigCommerce SEO firm. Below-mentioned points prove why we are the premier BigCommerce SEO agency,

  • On-hand expertise in BigCommerce SEO
  • Highly affordable service
  • Complete transparency
  • Sales-driven result
  • Experienced team of BigCommerce SEO experts

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What is BigCommerce SEO?

BigCommerce SEO is the exclusive practice of implementing various SEO strategies on BigCommerce stores with the aim of expediting online traffic.

Does BigCommerce have SEO?

Yes. Undoubtedly, BigCommerce comes with in-built SEO features. Moreover, BigCommerce offers SEO-friendly URLs, CDN, rich snippets, and many more facilities for the smooth sailing of SEO.

Is Google Search Console important for my BigCommerce store?

Yes. Google Search Console is the primary requirement to rank higher for any BigCommerce store. We create a website sitemap and submit the BigCommerce website to Google Search Console which facilitates Google search crawlers to access the website.

How important is keyword research for a BigCommerce store?

Keyword research is an integral part of any BigCommerce store. By avoiding keyword overstuffing, the right number of keywords can make BigCommerce store search engine ready.

Which BigCommerce SEO services are provided by your company?

Latent Visibility provides BigCommerce SEO services including conversion rate optimization, strategic keyword research, technical BigCommerce SEO, breadcrumbs utilization, BigCommerce SEO audit, off-page BigCommerce SEO, and on-page BigCommerce SEO.

How long does it take to rank a BigCommerce store in the search engine?

There is no specific timeline for ranking a BigCommerce store in the search engine. It varies from client to client based on SEO goal, competition, the current position of the BigCommerce store, and many more factors. It might take one month to twelve months based on these factors.

Is BigCommerce good for SEO?

Yes. BigCommerce is good for SEO. Moreover, the right BigCommerce SEO firm can help to precisely position your website.

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